Little Krishna and the fruit seller

Krishna and fruit seller

There was a poor lady in Vrindavan who was selling fruits. On a particular day, she could not sell a single fruit. Feeling helpless, she went house to house trying to sell them. Little Krishna was at home at that time. He heard the fruit-seller calling out to people to buy fruits.

With the intention of buying fruits, Lord Krishna (the Karma Phala Dhata, the Dispenser of Fruits-of-Action to all), ran inside, collected some food-grains in both his hands and came out to buy fruits in exchange for the food-grains. Alas! Most of the food-grains had slipped off  between his fingers and his hands were almost empty. He looked at her helplessly but lovingly and gave her the few little grains he had in his hands.

The fruit-seller was so pleased with his charming innocence, that she filled up both his hands with fruits with almost nothing in exchange for it. Her basket was empty. She put the few grains that Krishna had given her into the basket and walked back home with an inexplicable smile and total satisfaction. When she reached home and put the basket down, she was in for a surprise! The basket was full of PRECIOUS GEMS!!

The Lord had blessed the fruit-seller immensely for her unconditional and selfless Devotion!!


The Fruit-seller represents an individual carrying the heavy burden of his Karma-phala upon himself, represented by the basket of fruits. With total devotion, when we unconditionally surrender all our activities and their results (Karma and Karma-phala) to the Lord, the Lord in turn grants us the inexhaustible and priceless Wealth of the Inner Kingdom (Moksha).

[PS: I request all to please forward and share these value based stories rich in our culture and tradition to elders, youth and children]

Bhakti is developed by constantly trying to feel one's essential Oneness with Him --- without any distinctions such as creature and Creator, devotee and the Lord.... - Swami Chinmayananda

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