Yaksha Prashna – 3

[This post is in continuation of the post – Yaksha Prashna – 1 , 2 , where Lord Yama in the form of a yaksha asks questions to Yudhisthira (eldest among the Pandavas). In the 1st post 4 sets and in the 2nd post 7 sets of questions & answers were posted. In this post, 6 sets of questions & answers have been posted. The next post on Yaksha Prashna will be on next Wednesday. Link for Yaksha Prasna – 1: http://atomic-temporary-25401030.wpcomstaging.com/2020/06/03/yaksha-prashna-1/ , For post 2 : http://atomic-temporary-25401030.wpcomstaging.com/2020/06/09/yaksha-prashna-2/ ]

12] Yaksha Prashna: What traverses its path all alone? What is it that is born again after its birth? What is the antidote to hima (snow)? What is the most expansive field?

Yudhisthira Answers: The Sun traverses its path across the sky all alone. The moon is born again (moon waxes after waning) . Fire is the antidote to hima. Earth is the most expansive field.


13] Yaksha Prashna: What is the highest dharma (law of living)? What represents fame/glory? What denotes the highest standard of life? What defines the state of happiness?

Yudhisthira Answers: The ultimate dharma is in realizing one’s own true nature. Real glory is in being charitable. Truth is the highest standard of life. Moral and ethical values define the state of happiness.


14] Yaksha Prashna: Who represents one’s own identity? Who is the companion provided by the laws of karma (destiny)? What is the prime support of all life? What is the prime duty of a human being?

Yudhisthira Answers: Son (off-spring) represents one’s own identity. Wife is the companion bestowed by the law of karma (destiny). Rain (water) is the prime support for all life. Charity is the prime duty of a human being.


15] Yaksha Prashna: What is the greatest fulfillment? What is the noblest wealth? What is the biggest gain? What denotes the state of supreme happiness?

Yudhisthira Answers: Being in the state of mindfulness is the greatest fulfillment. Knowledge of the scriptures is the noblest wealth. Good health is the biggest and most important gain. Contentment represents supreme happiness.


16] Yaksha Prashna: What is the greatest virtue? What dharma yields good results? What is that by controlling which man never experiences misery? What is that bond which never breaks?

Yudhisthira Answers: Absence of cruelty is the greatest virtue. The practice of the injunctions of the sastras yields good results. Mind is the instrument by controlling which man never experiences misery. Bonding with the wise never breaks. 

17] Yaksha Prashna: By the giving up of what does one become endearing? By giving up what does one become devoid of sorrow? By giving up what does one become more prosperous? By giving up what does one become contented?

Yudhisthira Answers: Absence of pride makes one more endearing. Absence of anger leads to a sorrowless state. Renunciation of desire leads to real prosperity and fullness. Absence of greed leads to contentment.


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