Yaksha Prashna – 5

[This post is in continuation of the post – Yaksha Prashna – 1 , 2, 3 & 4 where Lord Yama in the form of a yaksha asks questions to Yudhisthira (eldest among the Pandavas). In the 1st post 4 sets, in the 2nd post 7 sets and in the 3rd & 4th post 6 sets of questions & answers were posted. In this post, 7 sets of questions & answers have been posted. The final post on Yaksha Prashna will be on next Wednesday. Link for Yaksha Prasna – 1: http://atomic-temporary-25401030.wpcomstaging.com/2020/06/03/yaksha-prashna-1/ , For post 2 : http://atomic-temporary-25401030.wpcomstaging.com/2020/06/09/yaksha-prashna-2/ , For post 3 : https://atomic-temporary-25401030.wpcomstaging.com/2020/06/16/yaksha-prashna-3/ , For post 4: https://atomic-temporary-25401030.wpcomstaging.com/2020/06/23/yaksha-prashna-4/ ]

24] Yaksha Prashna : What is that which is most difficult for man to conquer? What is the most powerful enemy of the mind? Who is a noble and virtuous person? And who is an ignoble person?

Yudhisthira Answers : Krodha (Anger) is most difficult to conquer. Covetousness is the most powerful enemy of the mind. The virtuous and noble man is one who seeks the welfare of all creatures. The ignoble man is one who is devoid of compassion.


25] Yaksha Prashna : What is moha (infatuation)? What is pride? What is laziness or inertia? What causes misery and sorrow?

Yudhisthira Answers : Absence of discrimination is moha. Over-exaggerated importance of one’s self is pride. Refraining from actions enjoined by our scriptures is inertia. Spiritual ignorance is the cause of misery and sorrow.


26] Yaksha Prashna : What is steadfastness? What is inner strength? What is meant by ablution? What is charity?

Yudhisthira Answers : To remain centered in one’s own swadharma is steadfastness. Control over the sense-organs is inner strength. True ablution is the purification of the mind. To provide refuge and shelter to all creatures is real charity.


27] Yaksha Prashna : Who is known as learned among men? Who is an atheist? What constitutes desire in an ignorant person? In what form does envy manifest?

Yudhisthira Answers : One who is well-versed in dharma (the law of being) is a learned man. One who lacks spiritual knowledge is an atheist. Desire is longing for worldly objects. Envy manifests itself as agitations in the mind. 


28] Yaksha Prashna : What is pride and vanity? What is ostentation? What constitutes divinity or nobility? And what constitutes evil or wickedness?

Yudhisthira Answers : Ignorance of the Divine is the cause of pride and vanity. Ostentation is hypocrisy practised as a way of life. Nobility is generosity and magnanimity. Ridiculing and abusing others is wickedness.


29] Yaksha Prashna : Dharma (Virtue), Artha (Wealth) and Kama (Desire) are mutually opposed to one another. How does one reconcile them in life?

Yudhisthira Answers : Dharma, Artha and Kama can be reconciled and they can co-exist if the wife (life’s companion) is a virtuous lady who lives the principles of satya, ahimsa, brahmacharya and dana – one who is a Sahadharmacharini. 


30] Yaksha Prashna : What are the factors that retard the progress of an individual on the evolutionary path?

Yudhisthira Answers : One who invites a pious and virtuous person for bhiksha (to share) and then insults and humiliates him by refusing to share anything with him, one who disrespects the scriptures, the brahmanas (virtuous people), the gods and religion, one who has wealth but does not use it either for himself nor for others because of his greed, is the one who is bringing upon himself his own self-destruction.


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