Bhagavad Gita Messages-1 by Swami Chinmayananda

The act of understanding himself as different from his matter-vestures is man’s highest Art – the Art of Unveiling the Infinite through the finite. The technique of this ART is the theme of the GEETA!

BHAGAVAD GEETA is an enchanting impossibility; it is at once a SCIENCE and a PHILOSOPHY, and yet, strangely enough, it is neither a scientific philosophy nor a philosophical science. In its eighteen chapters, it explains a PHILOSOPHY-of-LIVING, and while doing so, it expounds and demonstrates the SCIENCE-of-LIVING. When a perfect combination of both SCIENCE and PHILOSOPHY is sung to the “melody of perfection” that KRISHNA was, we have this piece of work – the BHAGAVAD GEETA – an appeal both to the head and to the heart — the secret charm of the Lord’s Song that had enthralled generations, from the day of its production!

GEETA is a PIECE OF ART of strange beauty and it stands apart from everything else in a class all by itself. It is liquid poetry, expounding solid philosophy! In the fluidity of its metre, it crystallizes some of the rarest gems of moral and spiritual values. Its breezy discourses have a solid style. The fluidity of its eloquence falls like merciful rain upon every broken personality, making it whole by its magic touch. It is not a book of science, and yet, it is very scientific in its approach to the theme. It has not the airy nothingness of the familiar philosophical discourses, and yet, all philosophies seem to meet within its ample stretch. An inviting Art of Divine Beauty — every word in it is a detail, at once revealing and inspiring. The pause between the verses is not merely an inevitable blank-period of literary necessity, but something that suggests many a hidden truth!

The PHILOSOPHY of the Geeta reveals to us the glorious purpose in life, inspires and thrills the thinking aspect in man, and the VISION of the smiling Lord of Vrindavan “behind” every name and form, “beneath” every experience, “under” every situation, adds a life-giving joy and maddening ecstasy to the drunken heart of love!!

GEETA is the Lord’s own song, sung to revive His devotees! GEETA sings its song directly to us!! The GEETA serves us!

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