Kashi Vishwanatha ~ Swami Chinmayananda

[Excerpts from commentary on “Soumyakashisha Stotra” by Swami Chinmayananda]

KASHI VISHWANATHA represents the Infinite Reality behind the entire universe of names and forms. Every name and form rises in Him, exists in Him and ultimately disappears into Him. The Sole Ground upon which the projected world of all minds exist and play out, famous in the Vedas as Brahman, is none other than Sri KASHI VISHWANATHA. The ever-present Self, by whose grace alone all activities of perception, feeling and thinking are made possible is KASHI VISHWANATHA. 

Devotion to KASHI VISHWANATHA is the MEANS, the way, to awake into the Supreme State of Pure Awareness; and the Viswanatha-State of Consciousness is the GOAL, the final destination.

KASHI VISHWANATHA as a “sacred symbol” is worshipped so that the wandering mind of the devotee, with the force of his devotion becomes quietened and comes to rest at the Altar of his devotion. The beloved Lord Viswanatha alone is the sole refuge. Seek the Lord and surrender totally unto Him – “O! Mind, seek the feet of Lord Mahadeva. Drink deep the honeyed sweetness of the memory of the fragrance of those lotus feet of the Lord and get intoxicated in its blissful fervour!” 

“Oh Lord! Thou art Ever-Full within and without. Thou art an ocean of kindness and mercy. Thou art the only one who can lift us up from this illusory world of names and forms. Thou art ever shining in Thy self-effulgent glory in the lotus of our heart like the ever-brilliant Sun. Only by realising Thee, as the very nature of the Supreme Self within, by transcending the body, mind and intellect, one can attain true Liberation, and remain ever in True Shanti.” 

“The final goal of all meditations, the blissful Self, is KASHI VISHWANATHA. May His auspicious form ever rise in our heart!”

Hara Hara Mahadev! Gange Hara Hara !

(Source : Sri Soumyakasheesha Stotra by Sri Swami Tapovanam. Commentary by Swami Chinmayananda.)

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