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Bhagavad Gita Messages-2 by Swami Chinmayananda

GEETA is a universal text-book, healthy for all the various races and types of men living the variegated walks of life, each striving to maintain a variety of standards of life. For all men who are sincere and intelligent enough to perceive their own imperfections and courageously come to make a demand for a better perfection, in them are the fit students on whom Geeta pours out her best blessings. 

As a SCRIPTURE of activity and optimistic endeavour, GEETA unmistakably emphasizes the ultimate independence of man over his present weaknesses and even over his present circumstances. The secret strategy for the sure conqueror: “DEVOTION AND CONSISTENCY OF SELF-APPLICATION, FREE FROM ALL EGO-CENTRIC ATTACHMENTS WITH THE WORLD OF OBJECTS”, is the way chartered out in the GEETA.   

The originality of the GEETA is not “in what” it says, but “in how” it states. The call of Krishna is the divine call to man to discard his melancholy dejections at the face of life’s challenges and to come forward to play out his best “the game of life” with a firm determination to strive and to win.

The religion of GEETA ushers mankind to a wider field of perfections, which can be made available even while we are sweating and toiling at our alloted posts of duty. All through the GEETA we find brilliant strokes of the unforgettable picture of a mighty Man of Knowledge at the driver’s seat on a chariot, philosophically refilling a “flattened” mortal to brace up and face again the road to success! Never does GEETA at any point in its length, encourage man’s surrender to circumstances or even to his own present debilities and incompetencies. 

The concluding word of the GEETA is “my” (mama) and the opening word in the GEETA is “Dharma”.  Between these two words, the 700 stanzas are strung together as a garland of immortal beauty. And so, the meaning of the GEETA is “My Dharma”. GEETA explains the “nature of man – my dharma”, and the “Nature of Truth – MY DHARMA”, and how the TRUE LIFE starts when these two are harmonised together and come to play in one single individual. 

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Essence of Bhagavad Gita!

A disciple once asked his Guru, “Guru Maharaj, we have heard your exposition on all the great scriptures. But when it comes to the Bhagavad Geeta, we feel that it occupies a more special and significant place in your heart?” The teacher smiled and said, “My son! In life, whenever we meet anyone, the first thing we do is to get introduced to each other. But do you realize, we have never got introduced to ourselves at any point of time in our life. Bhagavad Geeta is the text that first introduced me to myself! Self-introduction is the first step towards self-discipline and spiritual life. Hence the Geeta has a very special place in my heart.”
It is the style of the scriptures that the entire contents of the text is indicated by a few specific and significant words.

In the Bhagavad Gita: the first chapter, the first verse, the first line and the first word is DHARMA. The last chapter, the last verse, the last line and the last word is MAMA. The entire contents of seven hundred verses of the Geeta is between these two words. If we put the two words together it becomes DHARMA MAMA. On interchanging, it becomes MAMA DHARMA. MAMA means ‘my’. The word DHARMA is derived from the root “dhri” which means “to uphold, sustain or support”. Therefore DHARMA denotes that which holds together the different aspects and qualities of an object into a whole. DHARMA represents “the law of being”, meaning “that which makes a thing or being what it is”. It indicates the essential nature of anything without which it cannot retain its independent existence. So, MAMA DHARMA means ‘my law of being’. If we are to live as true dynamic beings in the world, we must live faithful to our true nature as human beings, and the Geeta explains to Me “my Dharma”. It is not pointing out to someone else’s Dharma, but pointing out to each one of us – our own “my” Dharma.

The Bhagavad Geeta through the seven hundred verses across the eighteen chapters is significantly pointing out to each one of us our own Dharma to be followed in all places, at all times, in all situations, irrespective of who we are, where we are, what we are and how we are, in the materialistic or in the spiritual realm. Dharma takes care of not only individual well-being, but includes collective well-being also.

After understanding what exactly constitutes our Dharma, what is the next step? The first two opening words of the first chapter gives us the instructions. “Dharmakshetre Kurukshetre” can be further split into four words. Dharma – Kshetre – Kuru – Kshetre. ‘Kuru‘ means ‘to do‘. ‘Kshetre‘ means ‘field of activity‘. Therefore, if the words are reassembled it becomes: “Kshetre Kshetre Kuru Dharma“, which means “in each and every field of activity do your dharma“. This is simply aligning ourselves every moment of our lives in and through our daily activities with the Higher Reality, with the Lord.

"Geeta: it is a call to each one of us to get up and fight the battle of our own life, according to our own vasanas (swadharma)"~ Swami Chinmayananda

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