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GURU ~ Swami Chinmayananda

[Excerpts from talks and commentaries by Swami Chinmayananda]

GURU — its sweep of suggestiveness is so vast as to even replace at times the sacred syllable – OM !! What do we know, in our present state of imperfection, about the super-subtle qualities of a great teacher? Truly great souls are indeed, at any given period of history, very rare, and, therefore, it is not always possible for all people to come into contact with such perfect masters. And even when we come in contact with them, it is extremely difficult to recognise their greatness and to tune ourselves fully to them. In case we meet and recognise a master and learn to diligently come under his beneficial influences, they are unerringly infallible.

One who has realised in himself the great “awakening” and has come to experience the one unconditioned Truth beyond the causal, subtle and gross bodies and who, thereafterwards, continues to teach the same Truth to others is the Teacher – the GURU, who helps the disciple to experience the Truth. The great ones, the grand teachers, are those who have realised fully their oneness with the Supreme. When the time is ripe, the Lord in a mysterious way brings about first the communication and ultimately the communion between the teacher and the taught. GURU is that equipment through which we perceptibly hear echoes of our own heart’s Divine Message as though from outside! One who has the “ears” can recognise the foot-steps of the Tandava Dance, that is constantly going on in the heart of the Master!!

If the world is peopled by a generation that requires the service of a Master, the total demand of the community works through him and he comes down to serve. Each seeker must remain where he is, and with true devotion progressively purify himself, keeping constantly a deep and consistent inner demand for a teacher. To such a seeker, living the honest life of a Sadhaka, the teacher will appear to guide him. Whoever be the person, let the seeker understand that the teacher is none other than Sree Narayana in that particular form. No individual mortal is ever a preceptor. The Lord alone is the Teacher, everywhere at all times. Meeting your Guru is a mystery! —- is a miracle!! Guru’s grace itself is God’s grace, since Guru is none other than Narayana Himself. 

Guru is a personality, not a person. He is an institution, not an individual. It is the Sastra that is the Guru, and the Guru is the one who taught you to learn it. He made us understand how to study Sastras and understand it.The true preceptor to all of us is the Lord, and the Lord of our heart talks to us very often through His chosen deputy among us and we revere Him and worship Him as manifesting through that individual. In your attempt to LIVE the Divine Life, your Guru, be he far or near will each time save you from the after-effects of falls and encourage you to continue the sacred pilgrimage towards God-head. Such a living guide alone is a true Sat-Guru. 

To come under the protection of a Mahapurusha……. you can order everything…. you can’t hunt a Guru. None of you can know who is the Guru. The qualities of the Guru are so subtle….greater the Guru, smaller he looks, humble and simple. Real Mahatmas, they always secretly live, nobody knows that he is there. How am I to know….? There is no question of you running after a Guru. The Guru comes to us. Never can a disciple go to the Guru. Guru always comes to you. First you open up yourself. Stay where you are, where the Lord has kept you…. Never mind, stay where you are…open up…..open up……. purify your mind. The right time the Guru comes to you as the bee comes to the flower! In case a Guru takes you in his hands, takes you under his wings, to protect you, guide you, to lead you – that is the Greatest Blessings!

“HIMAGIRI STATION” – it is a 24-hour-relay Broadcast-station! The Mahatmas in Samadhi are even to-day sending out, day and night, Spiritual Waves of Light Power, Wisdom and Grace! Even today, it is an unwritten tradition in the Himalayas, that all Mahatmas there, during the Brahma-muhurtha time, meditate facing South and the seekers in the country are expected to meditate at the same auspicious hour, sitting down, facing North, towards the Himalayas. The Supreme Reality Itself is the Guru. This Truth is Itself conceived as Sri Dakshinamurthi. The Teacher and the Lord are thus considered as one. Thus, the Guru is the manifest symbol of the primordial Truth and to Him our prostrations.

ध्यानमूलं गुरोर्मूर्तिः पूजामूलं गुरोः पदम् ।
मन्त्रमूलं गुरोर्वाक्यं मोक्षमूलं गुरोः कृपा ॥  (Guru Geeta)


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