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Guru of Lord Hanuman!

Surya Bhagavan stands for the Light of Knowledge and Wisdom. He is the All-knowing silent Witness of the entire world. He represents the World Teacher, the Giver of both subjective and objective knowledge. It is said that the Vedas are under the care of Surya Bhagavan. Young Hanuman wanted to have Lord Surya alone as his Guru. One day in the morning, Hanuman took a big leap and reached Surya Bhagavan. With folded hands he approached Lord Surya and requested him to accept him as his disciple.

Surya Bhagavan was very pleased with Hanuman’s request. However, since he is constantly on the move, he told Hanuman that he cannot stop at any point of time to teach him. Hanuman came up with a solution and told Lord Sun that he can continue his celestial journey without break and still teach him. He told Surya Bhagavan to keep moving forward and keep teaching him, and he would face his Guru and keep moving backwards at the same speed!

Surya Bhagavan was very pleased at the disciples loving persistence and agreed. Facing the teacher and moving backwards, Hanuman quickly grasped all that was taught to him by Lord Surya. He studied the four books of Knowledge (Vedas), the six systems of philosophies (Darshanas), the sixty four Arts (Kalas) and mastered the nine Vyakaranas along with the one hundred and eight mysteries of Tantra. Having completed his education, it was time for him to offer his Guru dakshina to his Guru. Hanuman asked his Guru what he could offer him, but Lord Surya said that he was more than happy to have a sishya like him, and he did not want anything from his disciple. However Hanuman insisted. Surya Bhagavan then asked Hanuman to look after the welfare of his son Sugriva (the prince of Kishkinda) and help him later in life. Hanuman agreed.

In keeping with his words to Surya Bhagavan, Hanuman was always by the side of Sugriva, and helped him enter into friendship  with Lord Rama. When Sugriva became the King of Kishkinda, Hanuman was his most trusted minister.

The famous “Surya Namaskar” is generally attributed to Hanuman in utter reverence and gratitude to his Guru Surya Bhagavan.

The Master can clearly see the spiritual destiny and the divine perfection which lie in the innermost core of the disciple. - Swami Chinmayananda

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Sindoora Varna Hanuman


Sri Hanuman was the greatest devotee of Lord Rama.  Lord Rama and Seeta considered him to be their first son. Hanuman would be ready to do anything for Lord Rama, ever at His service.

Once Hanumanji saw Seeta applying sindoor on her forehead. It is a tradition for all married ladies to apply sindoor. Being a brahmachari, ever immersed in chanting the name of his Lord, Hanumanji was unaware of the purpose of married ladies applying sindoor. Innocently he asked Seeta why she applied sindoor daily on her forehead. She smilingly replied that by applying, it would increase the longevity of her Lord, Sri Rama.  She did not mention the word “husband” but addressed Rama as her Lord. Infact Rama was the Lord of Sri Hanumanji too.

Having now known the reason for applying sindoor, Hanumanji thought that if by applying a little bit of sindoor the longevity of the Lord would increase, why should he not apply it to his entire body? That would indeed increase the life-span of Lord Rama a lot more. Seeta’s words went straight into his heart. He waited for Seeta to leave her room and then immediately went inside. He saw the little sindoor box on the table. He was not satisfied. He wanted lots more and searched around. There in one corner he found a big jar full of orange powder stacked up. He quickly brought some water, poured it into the jar, stirred it and poured the sindoor all over his body. He was dripping from head to toe with the sindoor liquid!

With the wet sindoor dripping all over and a huge victorious smile on his face, Hanumanji came to the darbar. Everyone was shocked to see Hanumanji in this new avatar. Some of them were amused also. Sri Rama also was taken aback, but knowing that Hanumanji never did anything without a sound reason asked him to explain why he had drenched himself in orange colour. Seeta immediately understood and smiled! Hanumanji narrated his conversation with Mother Seeta and said that he had applied sindoor all over his body in large quantity wishing for his Lord Rama a very…very long life!! The Lord, seeing Hanumanji’s devotion for him was supremely happy.

Hanuman knew that Lord Rama was the incarnation of the Supreme Personality. But still, due to his unlimited love towards Lord, he thought of applying sindoor to his body for the Lord’s sake!!

From then on, Hanumanji is worshiped as Sindoora Varna Hanuman and it is a tradition to offer sindoor to Sri Hanumanji in temples, and this is distributed as prasad.

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The power of “Raama Naama”

The vanaras had assembled at the southern tip of Bharath (India) all eager to cross the ocean and fight the wicked demon Ravana. Between them and Lanka stood the mighty ocean. To cross the ocean a mighty bridge was being built with the help of huge rocks.  All rocks were brought to Hanuman, and “Sri Raama” was written on each rock. Those huge rocks were then given to ‘Nala’ the commander-in-chief of the vanaras. He along with his brother Nila were responsible for building the entire bridge across the ocean.

Watching this impossible task of rocks floating on water with astonishment just by the power of His own name, Lord Raama  Himself decided to throw a small pebble in water to check if it would float. Raama took a small pebble and dropped it in the ocean and it sank which always happens when a pebble is dropped in water. The lord stood wondering why a small pebble sank when He Himself dropped it; whereas those huge rocks which had the name of “Sri Raama” written on them floated.

Hanuman had watched all the happenings and at once came to the Lord, and said that whatever happened was just right! Anything released or dropped from the Lord’s hands would sink; whether it is an inert stone or a sentient living being — if the Lord leaves us, we are sure to sink! The Lord’s hand is there always holding us and saving us from all problems and difficulties. Even if we leave Him, HE LEAVES US NOT!!

[PS: I request all to please forward and share these value based stories rich in our culture and tradition to elders, youth and children]

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