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Glory of Durva Grass

Once Sage Kaundinya’s wife asked him why the Durva grass was given so much of importance and had become almost indispensable in the worship of Lord Ganapathi. Kaundinya Rishi explained to her the immense benefits of using the Durva grass. 

But Kaundinya’s wife was not totally convinced. So the Rishi gave her a bunch of twenty one blades of Durva grass and asked her to go to Lord Indra and bring back gold in exchange for its weight. She was surprised, because the bundle of grass hardly weighed anything!  But since the Sage had told her, she decided to go to Lord Indra. On approaching him, she showed him the bundle of grass and asked for gold in exchange for its weight. On looking at the sacred bundle of grass in her hands, Indra who knew fully the glory of Durva grass asked her to go to Kubera, the treasurer of the heavens. The Rishi’s wife approached Kubera and asked for gold equivalent to the weight of the bundle of grass. The scales were brought. The Durva grass was placed on one pan and Kubera tried weighing it with gold on the other pan. All the gold that Kubera had was put in the pan, but the scales did not tilt even a little! The Trimurti’s Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva came there and added their assets too, but still the pan did not tilt. Sage Kaundinya’s wife then realized the glory of Durva grass – it was priceless! Truly incomparable and incomprehensible!

The very word “Durva” means “to bring that which is far away closer or nearer to us”. Its absorption capacity as well as transmitting capacity is enormous. When Durva grass is offered to the Lord, the aura and the divine vibrations associated with the deity is absorbed by Durva. When this Durva is received as prasad by the devotee, the very same aura and divine vibrations is transmitted to us. It also protects us by cutting off the negativity in the environment. Even the most powerful nuclear radiations can be blocked by Durva grass. Durva has purificatory properties. Hence it is dipped in water and that water is sprinkled to cleanse the environment. This is the reason why Seeta placed the blade of grass between her and Ravana while addressing him. It acted as a shield between her and the rakshasa. And in addition, it has lots of medicinal value and is used in a number of ayurvedic therapies. Durva Bhasma (ash) has the capacity to nullify the adverse effects of the navagrahas.

Prathama Pujya Lord Ganesha acknowledged the glory of Durva grass and gave it the prime importance in his worship.

Everyone has a precise place in the scheme of created things. Each one has an importance and none is to be despised.. There is no redundancy in the Lord's creation; not even a single blade of grass is unnecessarily created. - Swami Chinmayananda

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