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Lord Shiva giving the fruit to Lord Ganesha – Spiritual Significance

Lord Ganesha receiving the fruit of knowledge

The story goes that Sage Narada once visited Kailasa and handed over a divine fruit to Lord Shiva. Lord Sankara in turn called His two children Subramanya and Ganesha and told them that whoever goes round the world and comes back first will be the recipient of the fruit. Subramanya starts off on his vehicle, the peacock. Vinayaka mounts on his slow-moving vahana, the mooshaka goes round Parvathi and Parameshwara. Since the divine couple is the father and mother of the universe, going round them is equivalent to going round the world. Vinayaka gets the fruit.

Significance: The fruit is “Jnana Phala – the fruit of knowledge”. Any knowledge cannot be broken up or divided and distributed to two people. It has to be given to one person as a whole. Subramanya going round the world on his peacock represents an individual riding on his own ego and performing his activities world-centered. Vinayaka riding on his mooshaka and going round his parents represents an individual performing his activities God-centered with a well-controlled mind and intellect.

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Sri Ganapathini – Sowrashtra – Adi – Tyagaraja

This wonderful kriti on Lord Ganesha composed by Saint Tyagaraja, is indeed a masterpiece in the Raaga Sowrashtra. This kriti is a part of “Prahlada Bhakti Vijaya” – a musical drama (opera) composed by Tyagaraja.

Here Tyagaraja urges all the devotees to worship (sevimparaare) Lord Ganesha.  Lord Ganesha, the One who is worshipped by Lord Brahma, is coming dancing beautifully (Baaga Natimpuchu). ” Oh! Devotees offer your salutaions to Him”  says Tyagaraja.

He having accepted the offerings – jack fruit, coconut and jambu fruit etc .. from his devotees, is coming here dancing with heavy resounding steps, with Sri Hari in his heart. Lord Ganapathy dancing in different rhythms and steps is being glorified by Tyagaraja (vividagatula dhithalaangumani). The kriti overflows with sweet devotion!

Sowrashtra is a sampoorna vakra raaga derived from the 17th mela Suryakantham. A raaga which evokes Bhakti is usually rendered in vilamba. Mangalam is usually sung in this raaga. Saint Tyagaraja is probabily the only composer to have composed a kriti on Lord Ganesha in this majestic raaga.

This kriti sung by the world renowned Carnatic Classical Music Vocalists Smt. Haripriya and Smt. Shanmukhapriya popularly known as Priya Sisters.  Here’s the link..




shrI gaNapatini sEvimpa rArE shrta mAnavulArA


vAgAdhipati su-pUjala cEkoni bAga natimpucu veDlina


panasa nArikElAdi jambU phalamula nAraginci ghana tarambagu mahipai padamulu
ghallu ghallana nunci anyamu hari caraNa yugamulanu hrdayAmbujamuna nunci
vinayamunanu tygarAja vinutuDu vividha gatula dittaLAngumani veDalina

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