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New Year Prayer ~ Swami Chinmayananda

“Oh, Beloved Lord, with Your endless mercy and infinite patience,
You have led us through a busy year, guiding our conscience.
We got what we asked for, we have been bountifully served,
With Your love often, even more than what we, perhaps, deserved!”

“We prostrate to You gratefully acknowledging, with humble reverence,
That we couldn’t have been upright all thro’ but for Your perseverance.
Grant us our wish that we may lead a nobler, richer life this NEW YEAR,
Bending our sinews to greater undertakings in your service, sans fear!”

“Let in every act of ours, duty with beauty be sweetly mingled,
Bathe in the flood of mutual love, none for hatred be singled.
Let all our obligations be turned right into opportunities bright,
Teach us to fulfil our duties with overflowing joy and delight!”

“May we have concern for fellow beings and bow down to the needs of others,
Our hearts be attuned to respond to the silent cry of our poor brothers.
To hear the woes of the unfortunate with patience, may we tune our ears,
Give us the strength of mind, with compassion to wipe their tears!”

“Accomplishment of things great and heroic shall not be our only aim,
But to do graceful little things with love, sympathy and feelings sublime.
Let us learn to accept kindness gratefully with humility and joy.
And to heal our bleeding ulcers of misunderstanding, our time employ!”

“Let the NEW YEAR ring in peace, bring in the fragrance of goodwill,
And help us to help others so that they may their hearts’ desires fulfil.
We shall strive to keep all creatures happy in the glow of Your sunshine,
And pray for Your grace so that they feel blessed with Your splendour divine!”

“When the mind is changed, you are changed. When you change, the year becomes NEW! You don’t have to wait for the first of January. The day you change, it is the NEW YEAR for you! On this auspicious NEW YEAR DAY, I pray — MAKE EACH OF US A BETTER PERSON THIS YEAR — Jai Jai Jagadeeswara !!”


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