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Bhagyada Lakshmi – 2

[This is in continuation of the previous post covering the remaining 3 stanzas of the kriti: Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma . Link for Post 1: https://atomic-temporary-25401030.wpcomstaging.com/2020/08/06/bhagyada-lakshmi-1/ ]

Goddess Lakshmi

Verse 3: ” attittagalade bhaktara maneyali nitya mahOtsava nitya sumangaLa
satyava tOruva sAdhu sajjanara cittadi hoLeyuvA puttaLi bombe”

“O most Effulgent One, you are always enshrined in the hearts of the great saints and seers. Do not go hither and thither, but take up your permanent abode in the house of your devotees wherein your auspicious presence is daily invoked.”
Lakshmi is supposed to be ‘chanchala’ – never stays in one place for a long time. But the great devotee of Guruvayoorappan, Sri Narayana Bhattathiri says, “O Mother of the Universe, Goddess Lakshmi, you are not ‘chanchala’ at all. Your permanent abode is where Lord Hari resides. When ignorant people get attached to sheer materialistic wealth, you quietly leave them in search of the abode where Hari resides”. Therefore the prayer to Goddess Lakshmi not to go anywhere else but to take up her permanent abode where there is nitya Hari smarana.

Verse 4: “sankhye illAda bhAgyava koTTu kankaNa kaiya tiruvuta bAre
kunkumAnkite pankaja lOcane venkaTaramaNana binkada rANI”

“Adorned with the sacred and auspicious red kumkum, O Beloved Consort of Lord Venkataramana, you are a personification of modesty. You have taken up the vow (kankana-badha) of protecting the devotees of Sri Hari. Shower your countless blessings and bestow the inexhaustible wealth, (material and spiritual) upon your devotees.”
Sri Lakshmi dwells in the heart of Lord Venkataramana and therefore she resides only in a heart and home where her Lord is invoked. She is kankana-badha (has taken a vow) to protect her devotees, yet it is not easy to win her favours. To receive her grace, Lakshmi has to be ardently courted and devotedly worshipped. She is an embodiment of modesty, she is shy and therefore very slowly she enters our lives only after making sure that Lord Hari is there in our hearts! 
Very often Lakshmi is depicted in red attire. Red signifies activity. She is also glorified as not only adorned with the sacred red kumkum but haldi or turmeric as well. And kumkum is made from haldi. In any puja, we first offer or use haldi and only then the kumkum. Yellow colour (haldi) represents Knowledge or Jnana, and the red colour (kumkum) represents Activity or Karma. The significance is that with the help of the right knowledge (Jnana), when we put forth the required self-effort (Karma) in any undertaking, material or spiritual, we can surely gain the countless blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.  

Verse 5: “sakkare tuppada kAluve harisi shukravAradha pUjaya vELage
akkareyuLLa aLagiri rangana chokka purandara viTtalana rANI”

“O Beloved Consort of Ranganatha, you are the One reigning supreme in the heart of Sri Vittala. I invoke you on the auspicious shukravara (friday), shower your grace and blessings and let them flow into my life like sugar and ghee!”
Ranganatha is the Supreme Parabrahma, who is the Lord (Natha) of the colourful drama of life (Ranga). The Lord represents the Spirit (Purusha) and Lakshmi is his Shakti (Prakriti). Traditionally, Lakshmi-vara (Lakshmi’s day) is Guru-vara (thursday). Guru-vara represents ‘standard of life’. Shukra-vara (friday) represents ‘standard of living’. First, one must take care of one’s own ‘standard of life’ (values, knowledge). Only then the ‘standard of living’ (enjoyment, pleasures, life’s experiences) will become aligned to dharma. Hence Guru-vara comes before Shukra-vara! Only when we invoke Lakshmi to take care of both, our ‘standard of life’ and ‘standard of living’, our life becomes meaningful and full.

Sugar and Ghee are two of the five ingredients which constitute Panchamruta, the other three being milk, curds and honey. They all have medicinal properties. When these ingredients are used for abhishekam, they easily absorb the divine vibrations of the deity and transfer it to us when we receive the panchamruta as prasad. Sugar is the end product of the processing of sugar-cane juice, and similarly, ghee is the end product of milk-processing. Therefore, both sugar and ghee represent the end product or “fruits of our activities” – Karmaphala. Sugar denotes Happiness or Bliss. Ghee denotes the Light of Knowledge. By putting forth the right effort (Karma), we seek the grace of Goddess Lakshmi to bestow upon us the sacred Spiritual Knowledge which ultimately leads us to the State of Eternal Bliss.

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Sampat Lakshmi Vrata

[Lakshmi Vrata is undertaken on all Fridays during the month of Shravan. There will be a post every friday starting from today for 4 weeks on Goddess Lakshmi.. Do check the 2nd post on Goddess Lakshmi next Friday.. ]

In Satya Yuga there lived a poor brahmana who had to take care of a large family comprising his wife, four sons and four daughter-in-laws. One day, as he went out seeking alms he reached a house where “Sampat Lakshmi Vrata” was being performed. They received the pious brahmana and asked him to wait until the puja was over. After the puja was over he received bhiksha along with a mud-kalasa which they had used for puja. With a lot of curiousity he asked for the details of the puja, how it is to be performed etc. That day because of the sanctified mud-kalasa he possessed, he got a lot of bhiksha from other houses also. Feeling very happy, he went back home and narrated everything to his wife. 

They also decided to perform Sampat Lakshmi Vrata on all the fridays during the month of Shravan. There were five fridays in the Shravana month that year. On the first friday they made all the necessary preparations for the puja. After the sankalpa was taken, according to the conditions of the vrata, the eldest of the daughters-in-law with haldi-kumkum in hand, went out to invite a sumangali for the evening puja. She found a married woman with an extraordinary glow and aura around her. The daughter-in-law invited her home. The woman accepted the haldi and kumkum, applied it on her forehead and said, “I will come”. But in the evening she did not turn up. The brahmana’s family waited in vain. They could not complete the vrata. The second friday, the second daughter-in-law went out to invite a sumangali for the evening puja. She also met the same woman full of tejas who promised “to come”. But like last time, she did not turn up. But the family did not give up. The third and fourth fridays were the turn of the third and fourth daughters-in-law. And as usual, they also met the same sumangali who said she would come but did not turn up.

On the fifth friday of Shravan, the brahmana sent his wife this time to invite a sumangali for the evening puja. Strange! She too met the same woman and requested her to come for the evening puja. She said that she would come. They again made all the preparations and waited. It was dusk-time. Suddenly their whole house was filled with a golden glow and they heard the soft, tinkling sound of anklets. The looked in the direction of the sound of the anklets. There was Goddess Lakshmi in all her glory manifest in front of them! Overwhelmed with joy and happiness, they worshipped her with all their devotion. 

Mahalakshmi, the Mother of the Universe told them that she was the one whom they had met all the previous four fridays. She had promised to come, but she had not told them when she would come. She wanted to test their devotion and surrender, consistency and faith before pouring her blessings on them. Goddess Lakshmi bestowed upon the family wealth and prosperity to take care of their life here and hereafter. 
The Sampat Lakshmi Vrata is undertaken on all the fridays of the Shravana month. The friday prior to the Poornima (full-moon) is celebrated as Varamahalakshmi Vrata.  

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