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Anuraagamule – Saraswati – Tyagaraja

There are a number of compositions by Saint composers like Tyagaraja, Purandaradasa and others extolling the importance of Bhakti – devotion. In this composition Saint Tyagaraja talks about Divine Love – Anuraaga. Without Devotion, one remains deprived of true Knowledge and Wisdom. It is Bhakti which helps us to shift our focus from leading a pure materialistic life to a life filled with purpose (wisdom). The PURPOSE of human life is not to just earn money and enjoy a high “standard of living”. The STANDARD of LIFE should be taken care of with the help of Right Knowledge, Positive Values and Right Actions.


anuraagamu lEni manasuna sujnaanamu raadu


ghanulaina antar jnyaanulaku eruka gaani


vaga vagagaa bhujiyincEvaariki truptow reeti
saguNa dhyaanamu* paini sowkhyamu tyaagaraajanuta