Ni Chittamu Nischalamu – Dhanyasi – Tyagaraja

“Guru” – teacher, remover of ignorance, one represents the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) and who is even beyond them – the Parabrahma.

Who is a Guru? In this composition, Saint Tyagaraja described two qualities of a Guru. One whose mind is NISHCHALA (One who is not disturbed by the ongoings of worldly issues and whose mind is calm under all circumstances) and NIRMALA (Pure – One who is devoid of the six inner enemies – Kaama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya).  He indeed is qualified to be a Guru.

Tyagaraja attributes these qualities  to none other than Lord Raama . Tyagaraja is now a disciple of Lord Raama. As a disciple, he tells his Guru (Lord Raama), that his mind which is immersed in the worldly matters is disturbed and agitated. It knows no peace. Hence the Saint seeks the grace of the Lord to help him to reclaim his mind.

It is only a Guru who purifies the mind like a Sallaki Seed (guruvu cillaginca) which purifies the water by removing the mud. The Guru is like the Bee or the Wasp (guruvE bhramaramu) who transforms the disciple and guides him to his own State of Perfection. The Guru is the Sun (guruDE bhAskaruDu) who dispels the darkness of spiritual ignorance from the student and leads him unto the Light of Spiritual Knowledge. Guru himself represents the ultimate (the highest truth) to be realised and attained. Tyagaraja concludes by surrendering himself to the Lord who indeed is the Guru of all gurus – the Sole Protector of the world.

It is noteworthy that Tyagaraja has composed this kriti in Dhanyasi – a raaga most suited for emoting Bhakti Bhava

Kriti Lyrics:


nI cittamu nishcalamu nirmalamani ninnE namminAnu


nA cittamu vancana cancalamani nanu viDa nADakumi shrI rAma


guruvu cillaginca guruvE bhramaramu guruDE bhAskaruDu guruDE bhadruDu
guruDE uttamagati guruvu nI vAnukoNTi dharanu dAsuni brOva tyAgarAjanuta

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