Radha and Krishna’s Flute!

Once when Radha and Krishna were on the banks of the river Yamuna, Krishna told Radha that his stay in Vrindavan was almost coming to an end and he would have to proceed to Mathura. There was a greater role for him to play of protecting the good and annihilating the wicked – the purpose of Lord’s Avatar. Radha unable to bear the separation from her Lord was totally shattered. The Lord consoled her saying that he would get her a flute the next day, and also teach her how to play it. Whenever she wanted, at any given time, she could play the flute and invoke him.

Hearing this, Radha pointed out to the divine flute “Aakarshini” or “Aanandini” which Krishna had in his hand. Radha questioned Him as to why she could not learn playing the flute the very same day using the flute which Krishna had in his hand. Krishna smiled and said that when the empty and hollow reed in His hands allows His breath to flow through it, the divine music that emanates from His flute would not only stir and awaken the whole universe, but attract and draw to itself all his true bhaktas. Hence Radha could only play on a different flute which would invoke Krishna alone. Radha wondered as to who else could be more devoted to the Lord than herself, to get drawn to Him by the music of His flute. She considered herself as the greatest of His devotees, and no one could be compared to her when it came to devotion to the Lord. In her arrogance, she drew a line around Krishna and asked Him to play the flute.

Only those who were as devoted to Him as she was, could cross the line and come near Krishna, else they would get burnt. Krishna began to play his divine flute. The sweet music wafted around captivating and mesmerizing all – plants, animals and humans alike. All the gopis who were totally and unconditionally devoted to Krishna left the daily chores, lost their body-consciousness, and in a subtle form (subtle bodies) they reached Krishna’s Presence. To Radha’s surprise they even crossed the line drawn by her, and sat at the feet of the Lord – their beloved Lord Krishna. Radha felt humbled. Devotion in its highest and purest state is totally devoid of pride and vanity.

Krishna then told Radha that every Bhakta in this world who is truly devoted to the Lord is indeed Radha in another form. Radha herself is an embodiment of true Bhakti. Hence Bhakta and Bhagavan are inseparable!

[PS: I request all to please forward and share these value based stories rich in our culture and tradition to elders, youth and children]

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